Designing a website… on paper

The fear of the blank page also exists for a project leader who must design a new website. In order to develop his/her ideas, show them to the management, persuade the clients and communicate with the various stakeholders (editor, graphic designer, programmer, marketing manager, etc.), a good sketch is – often – more effective than a long speech.

The following examples will help you design a thoughtful project and present it in a professional manner. It's up to you to use a vector drawing software or simply a sheet of paper at first in order not to restrict your creativity.

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Website design

Professional website design with the Joomla! and Wordpress CMS (Content management system). We design or convert your custom layout on the CMS of your choice.

Website maintenance and troubleshooting

Fast and professional CMS or static website maintenance and troubleshooting services.

Internet marketing and web design training sessions

We are offering various training sessions: website building and CMS management, web strategy planning, information monitoring and Google Analytics reporting.

Graphic design

Digital design and image optimization for websites, UI/UX design, Javascript animations, HTML newsletter, logo and corporate identity design, flyer, brochure and ad design and production.

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