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Custom design with a professional CMS at reasonable rates (free quote):

You can get any custom website design you want. We are working with the most popular open source Content management systems (CMS) like Joomla 5 and Wordpress 6, but we can also use systems more specifically targeted for developers like Drupal or Grav, as well as online services like Squarespace. They are installed on the server according to the best practices for speed and protected against bad bots by a firewall. Updating your content on front end is easy and fast. We can also work with static HTML pages, Javascript or with your preferred platform.

  • The layout of your website does automatically adapt to the screen of a PC/Mac, tablet or smartphone (responsive web design). The HTML 5 code follows W3C guidelines and is tested with audit tools like Google Lighthouse.
  • Our professional graphic designer usually creates a custom design that we carefully program in PHP and Javascript on a basic template like Cassiopeia. No additional framework, the site is simple, fast and secure.
  • We also use popular commercial frameworks like Bootstrap, Uikit, Gutenberg, Gantry, Yootheme, T4, Helix or Astroid. We may create any custom design from the graphic proposal sent by your own communication agency.
  • We build your website according to your wishes. We are working with the CMS core features like custom fields or we develop our own extensions in order to make it fast and easily maintainable in the future.
  • You can talk to the developer or the graphic designer, if you are looking for advice. Your website is expanding as your company grows: multilingual pages, blog, shopping cart, web marketing landing pages, etc.
  • Your website is developed in a high-end Cloud server and we keep an eye on the debug console everywhere. We are working fast and you can check how the project is progressing thanks to different validation steps (backlog, wireframe, graphic proposal, tests on staging server using a password, etc).
  • Your website is hosted on efficient and environmentally friendly servers in Geneva (Switzerland) by Infomaniak.
  • It is designed in compliance with the new Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (nFADP).

Optimised for search engines and independant

Your site is optimised for search engines (SEO) and with a CMS you can make changes as you see fit without hiring a developer every time.

  • The website SEO is optimised for your most important keywords with tools like Screaming Frog and Google Search Console. You can measure its performances by looking at an easy to understand dashboard designed with Google Looker Studio.
  • You are updating your website by yourself or we are doing the maintenance: it's up to you. You are totally autonomous from your supplier, because we are using open source software. We offer training with Skype, if you need to improve your CMS skills. We are used to working with SME, therefore we have affordable rates, because we understand your budgets are not unlimited.

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