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Ease of use and optimizing your website are often contradictory goals. If you hire a professional webmaster to work on your website, it will be upgraded according to SEO best practices, its pages will be optimized to load faster and the user experience will be improved on various viewing devices, while its CMS (Content management system) will be kept safe, simple to use and efficient with less ecological footprints.

  • Regular monitoring and update of the CMS and its extensions in order to improve performance and security.
  • Theme or template customization.
  • HTML/CSS design from Photoshop, Adobe XD or Sketch.
  • Theme or template conversion to another CMS.
  • Wordpress classic theme migration to Full Site Editing (Blocks).
  • Migration de votre thème Wordpress en Blocks Gutenberg (Full Site Editing).
  • Support for websites designed on DIY platforms such as Wix, Webflow or Squarespace.
  • CSS style customization (art direction), improvement of graphics and typography.
  • Creation of professional infographics and CSS animations.
  • Audience monitoring and removal of unwanted visits and bots.
  • Check and clean up outdated files.
  • Content integration by professional with W3C compliant HTML/CSS code, respecting the corporate identity and UX principles of the interfaces of websites.
  • Development of custom Javascript scripts for CMS: Articles filter, Shopping cart, Forms, Maps, Animations, BMI, etc.
  • Creation of multilingual versions with or without automatic translation systems.
  • Optimisation of the pagination system.
  • Integration of SEO metadata.
  • Creation and integration of optimised images for different viewing devices.
  • Integration of graphics using the SVG vector file format.
  • Integration of videos, podcasts, 360 degree photos.
  • Web responsive design (fluid layout for PC, tablets and smartphones).
  • Installation of payment gateways like Paypal or Stripe.
  • Writing tutorials and remote support to improve the management of the site by your own editors and site managers.
  • Integration of page builders, custom fields or predefined layouts in order to ease modifications of the website by writers and managers.
  • Creation of a Google Looker Studio report to get insights about how your promotional campaigns are performing.
  • Check and fix broken links (404 errors) from internal or external pages of the site. Setting up URL redirects.
  • Spell checking and/or text rewriting.
  • Easier to use site administration.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO).
  • Optimisation of the site hosting.
Design of custom modules for CMS
Design of custom modules for CMS

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