If you hire a professional webmaster to work on your website, it will be updated according to SEO best practices, its pages will be optimized to load faster and the user experience will be improved on various viewing devices, while the CMS will be kept safe and up to date.

  • Regular update of the CMS and its extensions for maximum performance and security.
  • Maintenance of custom programming in PHP, Twig or Javascript, in particular on the overrides of the system core which are not updated automatically.
  • Optimization and configuration of the website.
  • Audience monitoring and removal of unwanted visits and bots.
  • Check and clean up outdated files.
  • Optimization of the site hosting capacities.
  • Integration of content according to W3C compliant HTML/CSS code, respecting the corporate identity and UX principles of the interfaces of websites..
  • SEO optimization of pages and keywords.
  • Creation and integration of optimized images for different viewing devices.
  • Creation of professional infographics and CSS animations.
  • Writing tutorials and remote support to improve the management of the site by your own editors and site managers.
  • Installation of page builders and predefined layouts in order to ease modifications of the website by writers and managers.
  • Creation of a full Google Data Studio report to get insights about how your promotional campaigns are performing.
  • Check and fix broken links (404 errors) from internal or external pages of the site. Setting up URL redirects.
  • Design of a monitoring system using RSS feeds and social networks data on the topic of your choice.
  • Advices to help you select the best web marketing channels.

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