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Mr. Christophe Lance
11, rue Cornavin
1201 Geneva (Switzerland)
Tel.: +41 22 731 64 71
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
IDE: CHE-244.245.192
REG: 1-4XH-48011
Active since February 2nd, 2013

Privacy Policy

For any information concerning the management or the source of your personal data, to have it rectified or deleted, you can contact the site editor at the above coordinates.

You can visit our site without providing any private data. The information collected by the web forms, including the name of the person, the content of the message, the phone number, the email address and the internet protocol (IP) address are automatically stored securely in a database. Those data are kept for the time necessary to provide our web design and web marketing services to the user who submitted the request. They are automatically deleted from the site database after one year. Private data submitted by form or email will not be disclosed to third parties.


The use of cookies makes it possible to save specific information related to the user's browser on any server. They are used for the proper functioning of the site, by the service which protects the contact form and for audience measurement with Google Analytics 4 which complies with data privacy standards by not keeping users' IP addresses. It is possible to deactivate the collection of data by Google Analytics by clicking on Cookies in the footer of our website (your browser must accept cookies consent banners). Refusing to install a cookie may result in it being impossible to access certain services.

No social media widgets are installed on the site.

Server log

Data from http requests is recorded in the server log. It includes information such as browser type and version, time of server request, IP address and referring site. The referrer policy is strict-origin-when-cross-origin, i.e. limited to the origin of the external visit, but not the full URL. This data is mainly used to control access and denounce abuse. They are kept for 7 days.

Security measures

We take many measures to ensure the security of this site and the data stored. The transmission of information is secured by an SSL certificate. The CMS is updated very regularly and is protected by a security extension. Other measures are implemented by the service provider such as performing regular site security scans and providing the latest versions of PHP that we use.


The entire content of this site is protected by copyright. Any copy, translation or diffusion, partial or total, of the content of this site is prohibited without prior written authorization by the rights' holder. In accordance with the web usage, the creation of hypertext links to the pages of this site is not restricted except for the links used as iframe.


Although we make every effort to offer on this website the most accurate information possible, their use is the sole responsibility of the user and we disclaim any liability for direct or indirect damage caused by their use.

We reserve the right to temporarily remove or suspend the delivery of this website at any time without notice.


Our hosting provider is Infomaniak in Geneva and the servers (Datacenter) on which our site is hosted are located in Geneva (Switzerland).

Governing law

Swiss law is applicable to this website according to the conditions of use presented above. In the event of a dispute, the legal forum is established in Geneva, Switzerland.

Changes to the terms of use

We reserve the right to make any changes to the terms of use of this website at any time without prior notice to you. The latest version published on this website is the only valid one.

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