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We take charge of your static website or your CMS (Content management system) Joomla, Wordpress, Grav, Drupal and other CMS. We update your CMS platform with its latest release, fix bugs and optimize its images, SEO and security. We are located in Geneva and may help professional users or individuals. We speak English or French.

What we offer

  • Fast and efficient services.
  • Detailed changelog.
  • Domain name and DNS management.
  • Transfer of your website in a new web hosting server (for instance from Swisscom to Infomaniak, OVH or other providers).
  • Monitoring and update of your CMS (Content management system), its plugins, widgets, modules and components.
  • Maintenance of overrides in PHP, Twig or Javascript.
  • Different types of CMS are supported like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal or Grav.
  • Joomla 1.5 – 3 to Joomla 5 migration, Wordpress 3 – 5 to Wordpress 6 (Gutenberg).
  • Migration towards a different platform.
  • Migration from a CMS to a static website.
  • Support for ecommerce applications such as Prestashop, Hikashop, Woocommerce or the event manager JEvents.
  • Support of CCK like Seblod or Flexicontent.
  • Site reengineering: convert your old platform to a new one and keep the same theme.
  • Installation and customization of PHP and Javascript applications and scripts on your server (web directories, ecommerce, bulletin board systems, contact forms, photo galleries, dropdown menus, Google maps, custom maps and infographics, flipbooks, etc.).
  • Optimization of the CMS configuration.
  • Website troubleshooting, lost passwords, blank page, error messages removal.
  • Installation of secure contact forms.
  • Remove spams in comment systems and contact forms.
  • Data importation from another CMS.
  • Improvement of your HTML/CSS code according to the W3C specifications.
  • Improvement of your Wysiwyg editor styles.
  • Translations of Wordpress plugins or Joomla extensions in English or French.
  • Page speed optimization.
  • HTTP headers optimization.
  • Htaccess file customization (protection against hackers, SEO redirections and site optimization).
  • Programming with cli or wp-cli.
  • Installation of TLS/SSL certificates.
  • Site recovery from hacking.
  • Check for file integrity and scan for potential malware.
  • Database optimization and cleaning.
  • Cron jobs configuration.
  • Installation of backup systems.
  • Installation of security extensions or plugins.
  • Conversion of a dynamic website to HTML archives, in order to suppress the maintenance costs.

With the help of professionals, you'll save time and money by improving the efficiency and capabilities of your website.

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