Although search engine optimization gives the best results over the long term, it is often necessary to attract visitors as soon as possible.

Advertising on the Internet, especially text ads advertising in search engines (sponsored links), can achieve excellent results both in quantity and quality with low budgets. Indeed, search engine users (most of us), in their efforts to find new information, are more receptive to a targeted advertising message than users browsing entertainment sites or reading news that will hold their attention.

Recent studies show that programmatic advertising market jumped 70.5% from 2013 to 2014 in Europe.

In the small market that represents french speaking western Switzerland, Google Adwords is currently the best search engine advertising network. Indeed, Google is still the favorite search engine in Switzerland.

We help you implement a comprehensive campaign in Google Adwords, Microsoft Bing or in social networks like Linkedin:

  • Research and definition of keywords targeted to your business
  • Setup of Google Adwords account
  • Writing targeted and catchy advertising copy
  • Creating ad groups and setting optimal ad auction
  • Installation of Google Analytics on your website for measuring results
  • Working on landing pages to improve conversion rates
  • Designing a dashboard for monitoring performances
  • Training to enable you to manage the campaign by yourself

Our experience ranges from political campaigns to services or e-commerce promotional campaigns.

Design of ads for sponsored contents

Design of ads for sponsored contents