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Experience and passion for online communication and CMS

Web designIdeally located in Geneva city center (French and English speaker), I can meet the needs of SMEs, NGOs, international organizations or individuals who want to create their website, update it or increase their online visibility. My rates are affordable and I work with pleasure for communication agencies as project manager, webmaster, developer or trainer.

I designed and promoted more than 100 professional websites, blogs, forums, CMS (Joomla, Wordpress, etc.) or web applications in PHP/Javascript. I am not a web designer who will disappear overnight. I have been working for 14 years in a communication agency and since 2009 as a freelance. My strong point is to be able to reconcile several types of skills: content and container, technical know-how, in particular concerning programming and website security, as well as a marketing, editorial, graphic and professional training culture.

The sites I build are not stacks of prefabricated plugins as many others do, but balanced open source solutions between functionality, security, simplicity that I customize by myself thanks to years of experience with CMS (I have developed my own CMS until 2011), site administration and I am used to following guidelines thoroughly.


My mission is to be an effective interface between the big Internet companies, which do not offer you custom technical support – or with very long response times – and your internet strategy which requires reactivity and technical skills.

I put a lot of thoughts about how to build and maintain efficient and cost-effective websites for small businesses while focusing on design and features. I am working with innovative cross-platform template frameworks for Wordpress, Joomla and Grav which are among the most used CMS in the market. It allowed me to cut cost of development by reusing frontend parts between platforms, improve global security and performances thanks to standardization of the same tools and approaches and offer an easy-to-use administration interface for the website owner, who can be autonomous from the original developer.

I have developed my own Bash and PHP scripts in order to audit and automate maintenance tasks of Joomla and Wordpress CMS using SSH and Makefiles, for instance making local and external backups, synchronizing local and production servers, checking configuration settings and log files, migrating data between catalogs or CMS. In order to increase the value of my customers' websites, I am offering Google Looker Studio reports – which can be automatically sent by email – checking various indicators like site and landing pages performances, 404 errors pages or Google Ads campaigns.

I may also work on more customized technical solution.

A network of professionals and freelance workers

My experience in the 'classic' communication sector allows me to use a network of professionals with whom I regularly work: graphic artists — logo design, visual identity, brochures, flyers, advertisements — photographers, 3D designers, copywriters, translators, designers or printers based in Switzerland.


Encore merci pour votre travail impeccable. Je saurai vous recommander pour tout travail Web – Pharmacie du Grand-Lancy

Quality of work was excellent. The consultant is extremely knowledgeable and handled the entire procedure with care and diligence. Due to his care, there were no problems and the project was completed on time – WCRP Performance evaluation

Christophe Lance has helped The Language House to build its profile on the web. He has instigated many positive changes in that never-ending and complicated process of website optimization. It's the first time in more than 15 years I have been comfortable with a partner in this field. Like us, he is passionate about his work – The Language House Sàrl

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