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Free quote

We are sending a free quote, without engagement. Each website project is different. A few pages of presentation with a contact form might be enough for a small website, while a bigger company may assign us to design a blog and manage a full internet marketing campaign. Our rates are affordable and the cost of designing a standard website is not more expensive than buying one ad space in a newspaper and its lifespan is counted in years. In addition, if you are not in a hurry, it is possible to obtain lower prices, because the webmaster is able to better plan his workload.

Package for Small business or NGO

A lot of investment may be needed to launch a small business company or a NGO, especially in communication and promotional materials. We offer a package fulfilling your basic design and marketing needs:

  • A corporate website with an administration interface on frontend.
  • Basic search engine marketing campaign management and optimization.
  • Training for CMS management.
  • Design of a simple logotype or an original brand mark (optional). 

Maintenance packages and outsourcing for agencies

A website whose CMS or framework is never updated will become inefficent and insecure.

  • We offer annual maintenance packages including technical updates and SEO. The cost depends on the type of intervention to be carried out.
  • We may also work for your agency as a subcontractor to create or update your clients' websites.
Low cost site for small business / NGO
Low cost site for small business / NGO

Coaching and troubleshooting

  • If you build your own website, we can help you on the most technical parts of your project like graphic design, optimizing, troubleshooting or hosting your website.

Free quote and inquiry