How to organize yourself to detect information on the web, in order to boost your business or your career ?

The new digital divide is between people who opt out of algorithms and people who don't (Source).

This workshop / training allows you to quickly create a professional monitoring system aggregating multiple sources of information with a powerful web application like Netvibes. In a time when sources of information are fragmented and fake news are widespread, setting up an efficient web-based monitoring system is more useful than ever for marketing (competitors monitoring, content curation), financial, journalistic, political reasons and for educational or technical training purposes.

  • What is information monitoring?
  • The main steps of setting up a web-based monitoring system.
  • Improve your searches on the internet.
  • Check the reliability of a website or any information.
  • What are RSS feeds ?
  • How to find any RSS feeds on a web page ?
  • How to add RSS feeds in your dashboard ?
  • What if the site does not have any RSS feeds?
  • How to filter your RSS feeds ?
  • The main principles of Netvibes free version and VIP.
  • The user interface of Netvibes.
  • Tips for optimizing your dashboards.
  • How to use Netvibes to monitor competitors ?
  • How to search for keywords in hundreds of international media sources ?
  • How to use Netvibes and TweetDeck to follow lists of journalists and influent accounts with Twitter.
  • How to use Twitter search operators with Netvibes.
  • Monitor Facebook pages within Netvibes.
  • Create alerts with Netvibes potions.
  • How to archive and publish your results ?

Assistance and training at your disposal, remotely (email, Skype, Google Hangouts) or in our offices in Geneva.

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