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Add Javascript scripts to Joomla 4: the right way

Javascript is a great tool when you want to optimize a CMS like Joomla.

Lost in Joomla? A short guide to editing content like a pro

This is a question that sometimes surfaces on social networks. Users who are not familiar with Joomla may have trouble figuring out how to change certain information when there are a lot of pages.

Update your Joomla and Wordpress CMS without stress

An indisputable strong point of Joomla and Wordpress CMS (Content Management System) is the ability to easily update their source code and that of their extensions by simply clicking a button in the backend.

Create your site with Wordpress and a Gantry 5 theme

Gantry 5 is an open source platform common to Grav, Joomla and Wordpress CMS to create themes of very good visual quality. It is using the Twig template language (popularized by Drupal or Symfony) ported to Wordpress through the Timber library which transposes the functions of the CMS.

Optimizing a website made with the Joomla CMS

A bilingual portal has been created by a talented designer, but the site was too complicated. It was slow, poorly indexed by Google and not very secure. It was time to call "SOS CMS" (fictional name ?).

Improve your productivity by mastering - finally - the HTML editor of your CMS

Many people confuse the content editor of a CMS (also called HTML editor or WYSIWYG editor) with a website creation tool. The content editor of the CMS allows editors with technical skills to edit the articles of a website designed and maintained by a webmaster. Knowing how the HTML editor of a CMS works can increase productivity in the context of a professional website sometimes requiring the management of hundreds of pages by authors who specialize in their field, but who are not web designers.

Designing a website… on paper

The fear of the blank page also exists for a project leader who must design a new website. In order to develop his/her ideas, show them to the management, persuade the clients and communicate with the various stakeholders (editor, graphic designer, programmer, marketing manager, etc.), a good sketch is – often – more effective than a long speech.

The following examples will help you design a thoughtful project and present it in a professional manner. It's up to you to use a vector drawing software or simply a sheet of paper at first in order not to restrict your creativity.

Is your Joomla or Wordpress CMS correctly installed and optimized ?

Creating a website with an open source CMS (Content Management System) like Wordpress or Joomla allows you to avoid being trapped in a subscription-based web service, which represents the lowest common denominator of all users needs without the possibility of evolution.

It is also an opportunity to be able to optimize the design, security and performances of his site, which is an advantage in a competitive market where small details can make a difference. Here are some basic rules to get started.

Detect 404 errors with Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a new and free web application that allows you to create customized web analytics reports based on a variety of data sources, including Google Analytics, Adwords, Console search, and even CSV files or MySQL databases.

This tool not only creates charts with a professional design, but it is possible to add buttons to change data on the fly, for instance according to date ranges or the country of origin of visitors.

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